Nomad is in the desert! We made some final modifications, packed everything together, and drove in a desert caravan. It took quite a while to accomplish all this, however; we didn't arrive until 0500 ohurs. Part of the delay was that we seem to have acquired some "groupies" from all the publicity; several children came by our building as we were packing, demanding autographs. How could we refuse?

We are very grateful to our hosts from the past week, the No 7 Regiment of the Chilean Infanty. They provided us with ample space, power, and personnel to get Nomad put back together.

Our trip to the desert went well. The drive late at night was quite amazing; this is my first trip to the southern hemisphere, and the number of stars visible was incredible; I've never seen the Milky Way so clearly.

Sunday will be a our first day in the field. We will attempt to test the satellite connection to the US, and drive Nomad across a small amount of terrain.

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Last Modified on: Wed Jun 25, 1997