Nomad Specifications
Dimensions size 1.8m × 1.8m × 2.4m high (stowed)
2.4m × 2.4m × 3m (deployed)
mass 550 kg
power consumption 2.4 kW
Locomotion type 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steer
with averaging suspension
speed 50 cm/s maximum
30 cm/s average
Sensors remote imaging 360° color panoramic camera
terrain & landmark mapping (3) stereo camera sets
obstacle detection laser scanner
navigation inertial measurement unit
gyro compass
differential GPS receiver
remote science high resolution camera
metal detector
weather set
Communications high bandwidth telemetry computer pointed directional antenna
1.54 Mbps continuous data rate
low bandwidth omni-directional
19.2 kbps
Computing robot control (2) 68040 real time computers
panoramic imaging (2) Pentium Pro
navigation (1) Pentium
science (1) Pentium Pro
Operation Modes safeguarded teleoperation remote driver, onboard safety enabled
autonomous no human intervention
direct teleoperation remote driver, onboard safety disabled

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Last Modified on: Sat Jul 19, 1997