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A formal model of hierarchical plans with temporal extent, and of their execution.

While many planning systems have sophisticated temporal models []<e.g.,>laborie:95,muscettola:94 and some additionally use hierarchical representations of alternative courses of action [Allen, Kautz, Pelavin, Tenenberg, 1991, Currie Tate, 1991, Chien, Knight, Stechert, Sherwood, Rabideau, 2000a, Castillo, Fdez-Olivares, García-Pérez, Palao, 2006], we know of no other work that extends the hierarchical task network (HTN) formalization [Erol, Hendler, Nau, 1994a, Erol, Nau, Hendler, 1994b] to include temporal extent. We need such a formalism in order to clarify the semantics of summary information and concurrently executing agents.

Bradley Clement 2006-12-29