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Conditional Problems

For conditional planning we consider domains from the literature: Bomb-in-the-Toilet with sensing BTS, and Bomb-in-the-Toilet with clogging and sensing BTCS. We also extend the conformant Logistics and Rovers to include sensory actions.

The Rovers problem allows for the rover, when it is at a particular waypoint, to sense the availability of image, soil, or rock data at that location. The locations of the collectable data are expressed as one-of constraints, so the rover can deduce the locations of collectable data by failing to sense the other possibilities.

Logistics has observations to determine if a package at a location exists, and the observation is assumed to be made by a driver or pilot at the particular location. Since there are several drivers and a pilot, different agents make the observations. The information gained by the agents is assumed to be automatically communicated to the others, as the planner is the agent that has all the knowledge.5