Below is a table of all requirements in PPDDL1.0. Some requirements imply others; some are abbreviations for common sets of requirements. If a domain stipulates no requirements, it is assumed to declare a requirement for :strips.

Requirement Description
:strips Basic STRIPS-style adds and deletes
:typing Allow type names in declarations of variables
:equality Support = as built-in predicate
:negative-preconditions Allow negated atoms in goal descriptions
:disjunctive-preconditions Allow disjunctive goal descriptions
:existential-preconditions Allow exists in goal descriptions
:universal-preconditions Allow forall in goal descriptions
:quantified-preconditions = :existential-preconditions
  + :universal-preconditions
:conditional-effects Allow when and forall in action effects
:probabilistic-effects Allow probabilistic in action effects
:rewards Allow reward fluent in action effects and
  optimization metric
:fluents Allow numeric state variables
:adl = :strips + :typing + :equality
  + :negative-preconditions
  + :disjunctive-preconditions
  + :quantified-preconditions
  + :conditional-effects
:mdp = :probabilistic-effects + :rewards

Håkan L. S. Younes