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aDCSP + preferences = aDPCSP

The aDCSP produced as above formalises the hard requirements imposed upon the scenario models. Among the scenario models that meet these requirements, some may be better than others, because the underlying model design decisions may be deemed more appropriate by the user. Preferences that express this (relative) level of appropriateness are attached to the assumptions that describe the model design decisions, and by extension, to the attribute-value pairs in the aDCSP. As discussed in section 2, such an extension to the aDCSP constitutes an aDPCSP.

More specifically, it is worth recalling that in section 2.2 an order-of-magnitude preference calculus is presented that enables representation and reasoning with subjective user preferences for different relevance and modelling assumption. Next, section 2.3 introduces a solution algorithm for aDPCSPs that include an aDCSP, such as the ones constructed with the approach of section 3.3.2, and are extended with subjective user preferences for alternative design decisions.

Jeroen Keppens 2004-03-01