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Entertainment Expected Values

The core of ATTac-2001's entertainment-ticket-bidding strategy is again a calculation of the expected marginal values of each ticket. For each ticket, ATTac-2001 computes the expected value of having one more and one fewer of the ticket. These calculations give bounds on the bid and ask prices it is willing to post. The actual bid and ask prices are a linear function of time remaining in the game: ATTac-2001 settles for a smaller and smaller profit from ticket transactions as the game goes on. Details of the functions of bid and ask price as a function of game time and ticket value remained unchanged from ATTac-2000 [Stone, Littman, Singh, KearnsStone et al.2001].

Details of the entertainment-ticket expected marginal utility calculations are given in Table 9.

Table 9: The algorithm for generating value of entertainment tickets.
\item Assu... ticket types.

Peter Stone 2003-09-24