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The SUO research was supported by Contract F30602-95-C-0235 with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (from the DARPA Planning and Decision Aids Program and the DARPA Small Unit Operations Program), under the supervision of Air Force Research Laboratory - Rome. The UCAV research was supported by the Office of Naval Research Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles Program (Contract N00014-00-C-0304). The SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center supported the writing of this paper. We thank the subject matter experts who assisted us. Our primary collaborators and evaluators were Kenneth Sharpe of SAIC and Richard Diehl of the Institute for Defense Analyses. We also used the expertise of Andy Fowles, Chris Kearns, and David Miller of the U.S. Army Dismounted Battlespace Battle Laboratory (DBBL) at Fort Benning, and CPT Dan Ray of the Mounted Maneuver Battlespace Laboratory (MMBL) at Fort Knox.

Pauline Berry 2003-03-18