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Evaluation of the Generation Module

In this step, we tested the AGIR's generation module by evaluating the translation of English pronouns into Spanish, and the translation of Spanish pronouns into English.

As mentioned earlier, the generation module takes the interlingua representation as input. Previously, Spanish zero pronouns were detected (90.4% P) and resolved (81.4% P), and anaphoric third-person personal pronouns were resolved in Spanish (82.2% P) and English (86.6% P in the SemCor corpus with semantic information, and 76.8% P in the MTI corpus without semantic information). Non-referential uses of it pronouns were automatically detected, obtaining an 88.7% P on unrestricted texts19.

Once the interlingua representation was obtained, the method proposed for pronominal anaphora translation into the target language was based on the treatment of number and gender discrepancies.


Jesus Peral 2002-12-13