... anaphora.1
We have dealt exclusively with pronominal and adjectival anaphora because they appeared most frequently in the dialogues we evaluated, but our algorithm can easily be extended to other kinds of anaphora.
... anaphor2
A Spanish adjectival anaphor is a kind of English one-anaphora where the word one is omitted. For example, el rojo (the red [one]).
... information.3
A possible grammatical role definition in free-word-order languages, e.g., subject, direct object, etc., can be recovered to a large extent by inspecting NP-verb agreement, NP-clitic agreement, and case or prepositional markers. This task requires adding word-order heuristics to the parser.
An utterance in a dialogue is equivalent to a sentence in a non-dialogue, although, because of the lack of punctuation marks, utterances are recognized by means of speakers' pauses.
... pairs5
The use of adjacency pairs as dialogue units for anaphora resolution is based on the work of Sacks et al. 1974, in which they suggest that one form of anaphora which appears to be very common in dialogues is reference within an adjacency pair.
... conditions6
C-command and minimal governing category restrictions are proposed, as formulated in Reinhart 1983. Based on these restrictions and the non-co-reference conditions of Lappin and Leass 1994, we propose conditions for NP-pronoun non-co-reference adapted for Spanish. These conditions are applied to the syntactic information provided by the partial parser. They are of great importance because we do not use semantic information in our proposal.
... agreement7
This agreement is about what every tag means to every annotator when it is applied to the corpus.
Additional information about this annotation process can be found in our detailed reports [Martínez-Barco 2001, Martínez-Barco Palomar 2000].
Notice that the study of the anaphoric accessibility space was not carried out using output from the automatic anaphora resolution system but rather from the manual annotations (i.e., the correct solutions).
... dialogues.10
By subtopic, we mean an NP that is not the main topic of the dialogue but contributes to defining it.
... configuration11
The term configuration is used here to define the set of constraints and preferences that makes up the system used for a concrete instance of the experimental process.
... noun12
Proper nouns are not usually modified by adjectives. Thus, noun phrases having a proper noun as head are not likely candidates as antecedents of adjectival anaphors.