CMU task parallel program suite

David R. O'Hallaron
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

The Fx group at Carnegie Mellon has worked with various applications groups to develop a suite of programs that can benefit from a mix of task and data parallelism. The suite has been extremely helpful to the Fx project, and I thought other research groups might benefit from it as well.

The suite consists of 5 programs from the domains of scientific, signal, and image processing:

The suite is distributed in a single directory. Each program is a single Fortran 77 source file of less than 500 lines, and an include file. Potential tasks are explicitly identified as calls to subroutines from within a DO loop in the main program, so we have found that porting the codes to a task parallel dialect of HPF (Fx in our case) is not too difficult. We invite other researchers to rewrite these programs in their favorite task parallel dialects.

The suite is available as a Unix tar file that expands into a directory that contains the task parallel program suite and a companion tech report. There are also directions that describe how to dearchive the suite once you've copied it. Or you can just download the companion tech report.

Many people contributed to the suite, including Peter Dinda, Thomas Gross, Edward Segall, Jim Stichnoth, Jaspal Subhlok, Jon Webb, and Bwolen Yang, as well as Takeo Kanade's vision group at Carnegie Mellon, Dennis Ghiglia's imaging group at Sandia, and G. Shaw's radar group at MIT Lincoln Labs.

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