Chris Stone

I'm a fourth-year grad student in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Comp Sci Info:

  • The FoxNet Web Server, written entirely in Standard ML (including the TCP/IP protocol stack). Statistics from the server are also accessible.

  • Information on HTTP protocol standards.

  • Lots of information on programming language research

  • The SEL-HPC article archive, a collection of papers on topics including compilers and functional programming.

  • The Principles of Programming group at CMU.
  • Research:

  • Elaboration and Phase-Splitting in the TIL/ML Compiler
    Chris Stone, 1997 IC Research Symposium abstract.

  • A Type-Theoretic Interpretation of Standard ML
    Robert Harper and Chris Stone, Draft submitted for publication.

  • An Interpretation of Standard ML in Type Theory
    Robert Harper and Chris Stone
    CMU Technical Report CMU-CS-97-147.
    Also appears as Fox Memorandum CMU-CS-FOX-97-01.

  • Safe-for-Space Threads in Standard ML
    Edoardo Biagioni, Ken Cline, Peter Lee, Chris Okasaki, and Chris Stone
    Second ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Continuations, 1997.

  • The TIL/ML Compiler: Performance and Safety Through Types
    G. Morrisett, D. Tarditi, P. Cheng, C. Stone, R. Harper, P. Lee
    1996 Workshop on Compiler Support for Systems Software.

  • TIL: A Type-Directed Optimizing Compiler for ML
    D. Tarditi, G. Morrisett, P. Cheng, C. Stone, R. Harper, P. Lee
    1996 SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation.