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I am a research programmer for the Fox Project in the School of Computer Science* at Carnegie Mellon University, hacking SML, building communication protocols and applications for the FoxNet.

Alpha documentation, SCS Facilities (including misc collection maintenance).

The SCS help center in Wean 3612 can be reached at X84231. SCS Operations can be reached at x82607 or


PA Rec use law

I am the North Appalachian region coordinator for The Access Fund (US), a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving America's climbing resources.


antics, Dr. Science, Hot AIR!, Fertnel, News of the Weird, Digicrime, movies, Jargon, ban dihydrogen monoxide or don't.

"Like fancy pens and pocket watches, these palmable curios have a function--that of severing corneous shrapnel from key areas of the human form with a bracing abruptness, a can-do metallic snap, that leaves their user with the illusion that he is progressively, clip by hardened-steel clip, gaining control of his shambling life."

-- Nicholson Baker on fingernail clippers

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CMU SCS Facilities,

www search engines (AltaVista, Deja News [query filter], Excite, Lycos, Yahoo)


Tiger map service

TOM conversion service

The Air Traveler's Handbook Internet Travel Network

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Doug Luce, Dave Maltz, Todd Mummert.

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