Coda and Odyssey are the work of many people, spanning many years. The contributors are listed below in alphabetic order, together with the dates they were affiliated with the project. Associated with each person is a brief list of specific things they have contributed. Note that this list is incomplete in almost every case. Many people have done things for the project that aren't specifically mentioned here. For example, helping track down difficult bugs, dealing with hardware problems, helping to restore server state after a major clobber, and so on.

This is the most recent picture of the group, taken in February 2000:

Back row: Jan Harkes, Adrian Pavlykevych, Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Satya), Peter Braam, Dushyanth Narayanan, Phil Nelson
Front row: Tracy Farbacher, Jason Flinn, Shafeeq Sinnamohideen

Here are some other pictures of the group over time:  January 1998March 1996 , April 1995 (note the Coda t-shirts!).

Here are some pictures taken in Fall 99 when Jay, Chris, David and Brian stopped by Satya's house after attending James Landay's wedding:  with Deborahalso with Deborahwith Satyaanother with Satya .

Here's another bunch taken in April 2000 in San Jose, CA at a get together with Jay, Puneet, Lu, Hugo, Clement and some of their families: making a mouse for the kids, the whole group, another of the whole group.

Aline Baggio (Visitor, June-September 1996)
Disconnected web proxy.
Bob Baron (Staff, 1994-1999)
Mach wizardry; x86 guru; PCMCIA driver support; WaveLAN support; Wabi on NetBSD
Peter Braam (Faculty, September 1996-August 1999, part time since September 1999)
Coda Linux cook and chief Coda entropy reducer and Coda social engineer; leader of Coda development from April 1997 until August 1999.
Anne Byrne (Staff, April 1996-August 1997)
Assistant to Satya
Michael Callahan (External Coda contributor, 1997-98)
Original implementor of Windows 95/98 port
Maria Ebling (Graduate student, 1989-1998)
Design and implementation of SynRGen; design and implementation of hoarding extensions for weak connectivity; evaluation and refinements to hoarding; original author of Coda manual; C++ maintainer.
David Eckhardt (Coda user, 1993-present)
Bug finder extraordinaire; tools to help with weak connectivity.
Tracy Farbacher (Staff, December 1998-present)
         Assistant to Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.
 Jason Flinn (Graduate student, 1996-present)
        Odyssey design and implementation; Janus speech recognizer in Odyssey; energy-aware adaptation and PowerScope
Jan Harkes (Project Scientist, 1998-present)
        Venus robustness, RPC2/SFTP tuning, and Coda sous chef
Hiroshi Inamura (Visitor from NTT, 1994-95)
Extensions to Venus for export/import; Coda ports to RT Mach and FreeBSD.
James J. Kistler (Graduate student, 1987-93)
Overall architecture of Coda; design and implementation of server replication protocols; design, implementation and evaluation of support for disconnected operation; extension of MultiRPC to use IP multicast; design of MiniCache and RVM.
Anders Klemets (Visitor from SICS, 1991)
Initial experiments with RF networks; original device driver for WaveLAN.
Masahi Kudo (Visitor from NEC, 1991-92)
Extensions to Venus for data collection; extensions to RPC2 to support dynamic arrays.
Puneet Kumar (Graduate student, 1987-95)
Design, implementation and evaluation of resolution subsystem; performance evaluation of server replication; performance evaluation of RVM; integration of Camelot and RVM into Coda; LWP emulation; server internals documentation.
Yui-wah Lee (Visitor, November 1996-November 1997)
Linux port of Coda; RVM robustness improvements; operation-based update propagation.
Qi Lu (Graduate student, 1992-96; Post-Doc, 1996)
Design, implementation and evaluation of IOT mechanism; enhancements to Venus repair capability.
Hank Mashburn (Staff, 1990-94)
Design and implementation of RVM
Lily Mummert (Graduate student, 1989-96; Post-Doc, 1997)
Design and implementation of DFStrace; design, implementation and evaluation of mechanisms for weakly-connected operation; formal analysis of caching protocol.
Tetsuro Muranaga(Visitor from Toshiba, 1994-1996)
Groupware application using IOT
Dushyanth Narayanan (Graduate student, 1995-present)
Odyssey design and implementation; xanim video player for Odyssey, logging and prediction of resource usage
Phillip Nelson (External member of Coda Group 1998 - present)
            Solaris port of Coda
Brian Noble (Graduate student, 1991-1998)
Empirical usage data collection and analysis; overall architecture of Odyssey; design and implementation of API for application-aware adaptation; implementation of Odyssey viceroy and wardens; trace modulation.
Adrian Pavlykevych (Visitor, February - June 2000)
            Major revision to Coda User and System Administration manual
Henry Pierce (Staff, 1997-1998)
Coda system manager.
Josh Raiff(Staff, 1993-1997)
System manager; implementor of PCMCIA device drivers and norton.
Gowthami Rajendran (Graduate student, 1991-93)
Performance modelling of Coda.
 M. Satyanarayanan (Faculty, 1987-present)
Chief cook and bottle washer
Marc Schnieder (Visiting student, 1998-99)
Windows 95/98 port
Ellen H. Siegel (Graduate student, 1987-89)
Overall architecture of Coda; design, implementation, and evaluation of MultiRPC; integration of Camelot
Shafeeq Sinnamohideen (Research Programmer, January 2000 - present)
            Design and implementation of write-back caching in Coda, Windows 98 robustness
David C. Steere (Graduate Student, 1988-96)
Design and implementation of dynamic sets in Odyssey; design and implementation of Coda MiniCache; design and implementation of Coda backup subsystem; RVM extensions for dynamic storage allocation.
Eric Tilton (Graduate student, 1995-99)
Odyssey design and implementation; Netscape browser for Odyssey
Kevin (Kip) Walker (Graduate student, 1996-1999)
Design and implementation of dynamic sets in Odyssey.
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