Porting the Coda File System to Windows

Peter J. Braam, Michael J. Callahan, M. Satyanarayanan, Marc Schnieder


We first describe how the Coda distributed filesystem was ported to Windows 95 and 98. Coda consists of user level cache managers and servers and kernel level code for filesystem support. Severe reentrancy difficulties in the Win32 environment on this platform were overcome by extending the DJGPP DOS C compiler package with kernel level support for sockets and more flexible memory management. With this support library and kernel modules for Windows 9x filesystems in place, the Coda file system client could be ported with very little patching and will likely soon run as well on Windows 9x as on Linux. We ported Coda file servers to Windows NT. For fileservers the Cygwin32 kit was used. We will not report here on the port of the Coda client to Windows NT, which is in an early stage. In both cases cross compilation from a Linux environment was most helpful to get a good development environment.