Amulet V4.0

Amulet Is No Longer Supported

Due to lack of funding, Amulet is no longer a supported project. (Please contact if you want to fund the Amulet research project!) We were never able to finish the Version 4 of the system. Some things were finished, and many others were only partially done. The Amulet Users community wanted to get at some of these things anyway, so we made up a Unix tar file with the current stuff in it. Below is a description.

The Amulet group cannot promise to update this software nor to accept or integrate any fixes provided by users.

Some of these features have been added to the "OpenAmulet" version which is being developed by Robert Muench and some other members of the Amulet users group. More information is available at Users should still email fixes and updates to, so the community can benefit from them.

Downloading Amulet V4

The following Unix "tar" file contains the entire Amulet V4 source tree as of the date indicated. This includes the source code and support files for all platforms. This includes a bunch of internal files we probably shouldn't be distributing. Note that we did not check that this works, or that it compiles on any particular platform.

Also included in the tar file are the source files for the Amulet manual, which are prepared using Framemaker. These have not been updated since the official V3 release. The only documentation for the new features are the notes below.

Tar file created: May 28, 1998. Size: 6,696 for amulet4.tar.Z and 19,296 for amulet4.tar when uncompressed.
Download amulet4.tar.Z as a compressed Unix tar file.

Things half-done in V4:

An informal list of the changes since v3 is available as a plain text file.

Coming in a couple of months:

  • Sophisticated new debugging capabilities in the Inspector

    Minor changes

    Note: these are pretty much complete and work on all platforms, but are not documented.

    Multi-Line Text Widget

    We looked at the multi-line text widget, but decided the current code was never going to work, so we abondoned the effort all together. It is our opinion that this effort should be started over from scratch, instead of trying to go on with the current start of an implementation which is part of the code.

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