Amulet V2.0 Official Release

We are proud to announce the Official release of Amulet V2.0. This release of Amulet runs on Unix using X/11, on the PC using Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 95, and on the Macintosh. Amulet has been tested with gcc versions 2.6.3 and 2.7.0 (Amulet does not work with gcc version 2.5.8 due to a compiler bug) and with ObjectCenter V2.1.0. On the PC, it works with Visual C++ 2.0, 2.1, 4.0, and 4.1. On the Macintosh, Amulet works with CodeWarrior V8. Amulet works with recent versions of native C++ compilers for certain Unix platforms.

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A page describing the changes and improvements between various versions of Amulet is available. This includes changes between V1.2 and V2.0 alpha, and changes between V2.0 alpha and the official 2.0 release.


Important features of Amulet v2 include:

The complete documentation on the current release is also available. The tar or zip file you FTP does not include the documentation file. You must download it separately.

Downloading Amulet

Instructions for downloading and installing Amulet V2.0 are available in plain text format. This is a text version of the first chapter (Overview) of the Amulet Reference Manual. If you cannot successfully download Amulet from this WWW page, find FTP download instructions in the Overview. The following links point to the most recently released version of Amulet on each platform.


Complete documentation for the release is available, but it is not distributed in the same file as the source code distribution. You must get a separate postscript file instead. An
html version of the documentation is also available. You can access it remotely, or download your own version.

Instructions for downloading and installing Amulet V2 are available in plain text format. This is a text version of the first chapter (Overview) of the Amulet Reference Manual.

The documentation is available as a Postscript file and in several html files. There is one large postscript file containing all of the Amulet Manual. The manual is available in these formats:

The complete Amulet Manual contains an Overview of Amulet with retrieval and installation instructions, a Tutorial to help new users get used to Amulet programming practices, and reference manuals for all of the parts of Amulet:

The Amulet documentation can be referenced as:
Brad A. Myers, Alan Ferrency, Rich McDaniel, Robert C. Miller, Patrick Doane, Andy Mickish, Alex Klimovitski. The Amulet V2.0 Reference Manual. Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science Technical Report, no. CMU-CS-95-166-R1 and Human Computer Interaction Institute Technical Report CMU-HCII-95-102-R1. February, 1996.

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