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PAX: Portable Archive Interchange

Pax is an archiving utility that reads and writes tar and cpio formats, both the traditional ones and the extended formats specified in IEEE 1003.1. It handles multi-volume archives and automatically determines the format of an archive while reading it. Three user interfaces are supported: tar, cpio, and pax. The pax interface was designed by IEEE 1003.2 as a compromise in the chronic controversy over which of tar or cpio is best.

   Originally posted to comp.sources.unix v17i74 (1.1, 27-DEC-88),
   version 2.0 can be found on
   and other major archives. (Version 1.1 is available as

Version: 2.0 (26-FEB-90) Requires: ANSI C and POSIX. Ports: Runs on IBM PC, Unix systems (e.g., HP 9000, Sun, Vax, SGI), Macintosh II (A/UX), and many more. Copying: Copyright (C) 1989 Mark H. Colburn. All Rights Reserved. The Pax utility is being distributed free of charge and may be redistributed by others in either source or binary form. (See readme.txt for details.) Updated: Mon Oct 3 21:12:30 1994 CD-ROM: Author(s): Mark H. Colburn Open Systems Architects, Inc. 7555 Marketplace Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Harold G. Walters (MSDOS Version) School of Civil Engineering Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK 74078 Keywords: Archiving Software, Utilities, pax@{{\tt pax}}, tar@{{\tt .tar}} Contains: ? References: ?
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