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PCS/Geneva: Reimplementation of PC Scheme by Univ. of Geneva.

PCS/Geneva is a Scheme interpreter/compiler developed at the University of Geneva. It is based on Texas Instrument's PC Scheme (version 3.03) but differs somewhat from the original. The main extensions to PC Scheme are 486 support, BGI graphics, LIM-EMS pagination support, line editing, mouse support, assembly-level interfacing, and several powerful Scheme-oriented editors. (TI's PC Scheme gives users full Revised^3 support along with many primitives for DOS, Graphics and Text Windows. A powerful built-in optimizing compiler produces fast code.)
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Version: 4.02PL1 (11-JAN-94) Ports: PCS/Geneva has been tested on XTs, ATs, AT386s and AT486s under various DOS and OS/2 versions. It even runs on Hewlett-Packard's HP95LX. It also runs on Suns with a DOS emulator. Copying: This product may be distributed freely and used without restrictions except for military purposes. If you're using PCS/Geneva, please send mail to The authors like to know their public and will inform you when a new release is available. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Larry Bartholdi Barillette 11 1260 NYON Switzerland Tel: +41 22 361-02-22 Marc Vuilleumier Clef-des-Champs 10 1234 VESSY Switzerland Tel: +41 22 784-36-82 Fax: +41 22 784-02-29 Contact: C.U.I. - Scheme group University of Geneva General Dufour 24 1211 GENEVE 4 Switzerland Tel: +41 22 705-76-60 Keywords: Authors!Bartholdi, Authors!Vuilleumier, Compilers!Scheme, Interpreters!Scheme, PC Scheme, PCS/Geneva, Programming Languages!Scheme, Scheme!IBM PC, Scheme!Implementations, Univ. of Geneva References: Documentation of the extensions is included in the distribution.
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