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SWI Prolog: Fairly complete Edinburgh-style Prolog.

SWI-Prolog is a fairly complete Edinburgh-style Prolog. It includes a fast compiler, a profiler, a transparent and fast C interface (both Prolog calling C and C calling Prolog), a Quintus-like module system, garbage collector, stack expander, and dynamic autoloading of libraries. It also includes a GNU-readline and GNU-Emacs interface. SWI-Prolog has a large set of built-in predicates in common with C-Prolog, Quintus and SICStus Prolog, so programs written for SWI-Prolog should be fairly portable to other prolog implementations. SWI-Prolog has no built-in facilities for graphics, but XPCE works with SWI-Prolog. (XPCE is a language-independent interface to X11 that provides a high level of abstraction.) The system has been very stable since version 1.5. Most of the changes since then are new features and minor bug fixes.
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Origin: [] (Main source)
   as the file pl-XXX.tar.Z, where XXX is the version number.
   and as the file (MS Windows 3.1 application),
   xos.tgz (DOS File I/O redefinition) and GNU readline
   OS/2 port (version 1.6.12, 3-MAY-93): []
   MSDOS port (version 1.5.0, 5-NOV-92):

Version: 1.9 (5-JUN-94); 1.8.7 (31-JAN-93) Requires: The MS-DOS port must be run in true 386-mode (it can't be run under MS Windows) and lacks some of the functionality of the Unix versions. It is recommended that you run Linux instead. GNU-readline (kernel later than 99pl6) must be installed. It fails on gcc-2.5.[0123], but others are ok. Ports: Runs on Atari ST, Gould PN, NeXT, HP, IBM Linux, DEC MIPS, IBM PS/2 AIX, OS/2, IBM RS/6000, Sun3, Sun4, Sparc, and Vax. Copying: Copyright (C) 1990 by Jan Wielemaker, University of Amsterdam. Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted, under a GPL-style license. (See the license.txt file for details.) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: To be added to the list, send mail to Author(s): Jan Wielemaker Social Science Informatics (SWI) University of Amsterdam Roetersstraat 15, 1018 WB Amsterdam, The Netherlands OS2 port: Andreas Toenne Max-Planck-Institut f"ur Informatik Im Stadtwald 6600 Saarbr"ucken MS-DOS port: R. Kym Horsell and . Keywords: Authors!Horsell, Authors!Toenne, Authors!Wielemaker, Compilers!Prolog, Edinburgh, Interpreters!Prolog, Logic, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!Atari, Prolog!IBM PC, Prolog!Implementations, Prolog!UNIX, SWI, SWI-Prolog, Symbolic, Univ. of Amsterdam References: ?
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