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SICStus: Information about SICStus Prolog for Unix.

SICStus Prolog is a portable implementation of Prolog, written at SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) with support in part from Ericsson Telecom AB, NobelTech Systems AB, Infologics AB, and Televerket under the Swedish Board for Industrial Development of Information Technology. Written in C and Prolog, the implementation is based on the Warren Abstract Machine (WAM). The programming environment has benefited from public domain code contributed principally by R.A. O'Keefe and D.H.D. Warren. An execution profiling package was written by M.M. Gorlick and C.F. Kesselman at the Aerospace Corporation. SICStus Prolog is portable to most UNIX(TM) machines (Berkeley UNIX is preferred over System V). It provides indexed interpreted and compiled predicates mixed arbitrarily, unbounded precision integer and double precision floating point arithmetic, unification and term comparison of cyclic structures, a garbage collector and stack shifter, attention key (control-c) handling, a "procedure box" debugger, dynamic interfacing to C functions, backtrackable side-effects, coroutining facilities, execution profiling, and a machine-independent WAM compiler. SICStus Prolog also includes a module system, Boolean constraint solver, native code compilers for Sun-3/4 and 68K-based NeXT, "Block" declarations (generalizing "wait" declarations), Prolog queries callable by C programs, support for building stand-alone applications, a Prolog library, a facility for storing Prolog clauses on files with user-defined indexing, a graphics package using InterViews 2.6, a graphical interface to the profiling package, a multiprocessing package based on the Linda model, exception raising and handling, several new built-in arithmetic functions, and time-out and socket communication primitives. SICS Aurora and Echo is a parallel emulator for Sequent Balance, Sequent Symmetry, Encore Multimax, and BBN Butterfly (Unix). Send requests for ordering information to

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Version: 2.1 Requires: C CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: To subscribe to the mailing list for communication among users and implementors, send mail to Contact: SICS or Swedish Institute of Computer Science PO Box 1263 S-164 28 KISTA, Sweden Tel: +46-8-752-15-02 Fax: +46-8-751-72-30 Keywords: Compilers!Prolog, Interpreters!Prolog, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!Implementations, SICS References:
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