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Prolog68: WAM-based Prolog for Atari ST and TT computers.

Prolog68 is a free WAM-based Prolog system running on Atari ST and TT computers. It is not yet finished (no floating point, some missing built-ins). Archived in ZOO format.

   E-mail/ftp from Jens Kilian to Mark.

Version: 0.93 Requires: 1mb RAM. Ports: Atari ST and Atari TT. Copying: GNU General Public License (source code not released yet) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Jens Kilian Holunderstr. 19 D-71083 Herrenberg Germany Tel: (0|+49)7031-14-4785 Fax: (0|+49)7031-14-2049 Keywords: Authors!Kilian, GNU GPL, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!Atari, Prolog!Implementations, Prolog68, WAM References: ?
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