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JB-Prolog: Fast Prolog Demo System for the Macintosh

JB-Prolog is a slim and powerful prolog for the Macintosh. Its key features are: Arbitrary long integers, fast interpreter only, source line debugger, user interface toolkit, persistent objects. The demo program shows the capabilities of the persistent objects and user interface toolkit, which have not yet been documented.

   Disk to Mark Kantrowitz from Jan Burse; the AI Repository
   is the home anonymous ftp site.

Version: 2.1.2 (24-JAN-94) Requires: Apple Macintosh Copying: Copyright (c) 1994 by XLOG. Commercial use prohibited. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Jan Burse XLOG Scheuchzerstr. 67 8006 Zrich Switzerland Keywords: Authors!Burse, GUI!Prolog, Interpreters!Prolog, JB Prolog, Persistent Objects, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!Implementations, Prolog!Macintosh References: A user's manual is included with the distribution.
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