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ESL Prolog-2 (PD Version): Good performance public domain (limited) version of a Prolog for MS-DOS systems.

ESL Prolog-2 (PD Version) is a public domain Prolog interpreter for IBM PC (MS-DOS) systems with good performance. It deviates slightly from Edinburgh standard (strings "like this" are not lists of ASCII codes), but you can add a declaration that makes it fully Edinburgh-compatible. (To do this, add the line :- state(token_class,_,dec10). at the beginning of the program.) ESL PD Prolog is a more limited version of the commercial version of the interpreter, which is available from Expert Systems Ltd. of Oxford, England (see contact below). [Note: As of 11-NOV-94, ESL Prolog has been sold to ESI.] The commercial version is an Edinburgh standard prolog interpreter and compiler with several extensions, and runs on Sun3, Sun4, HP9000 (Unix), RS/6000 (Unix), VAX (VMS), IBM PC (MS-DOS, Windows 3.0/3.1), and 386s. The windows version includes BIPs for programming windows graphics and dialogues. Documentation is available as a 2-volume set published by Ablex (type "prolog2" for info). ESL Prolog is also discussed extensively in Tony Dodd's book "Prolog: A Logical Approach" from Oxford University Press.
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Version: 2.30 (30-JAN-91) Copying: Public Domain Updated: Fri Nov 11 15:22:26 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: Expert Systems International (ESI) Attn: Leo Mulders PO Box 148 NL-3700 AC ZEIST The Netherlands Tel: +31 3404-22911 Fax: +31 3404-32888 Keywords: Compilers!Prolog, ESI, ESL, Expert Systems International, Expert Systems Ltd., Interpreters!Prolog, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!Implementations, Public Domain References: ?
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