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Tcl/Tk: X-Windows Toolkits

This directory contains the Tcl/Tk X-Windows toolkits for use with binprolog. Tcl stands for ``tool command language'' and is pronounced ``tickle.'' Tcl is actually two things: a language and a library. First, Tcl is a simple textual programming language, intended primarily for issuing commands to interactive programs such as text editors, debuggers, illustrators, and shells. Second, Tcl is a library package that can be embedded in application programs. Tk is an extension to Tcl which provides the programmer with an interface to the X11 windowing system. For more information, see the Tcl/Tk FAQ in faq.tgz.
   as the files tcl7.3.tar.Z and tk3.6.tar.Z

Version: TCL 7.3, TK 3.6 Requires: C, addinput-3.6a Ports: Sparc, DEC Alpha, MIPS (SGI, DEC), 68k (NeXT, Sun3), R6000 (IBM), Solaris, and 386/486. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: comp.lang.tcl Author(s): John Ousterhout Keywords: Authors!Ousterhout, C!Code, Tcl/Tk, X11 Toolkits References: ?
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