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BinProlog: Fast, small, and portable Prolog compiler.


   bp/        BinProlog: Fast, small, and portable Prolog 
   mbp/       MultiBinProlog: Linda-style Parallel extension to 
   tcl/       Tcl/Tk: X-Windows Toolkits

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BinProlog replaces the WAM by a more compact continuation passing logic engine based on a mapping of full Prolog to binary logic programs. It includes an interface Tcl/Tk. The compiler makes 528 KLIPS on a Sparc 10-40 (101 KLIPS on a NeXT) and still uses a very small (49K under Solaris 2.1) emulator, making it among the fastest freely available C-emulated Prologs (3-5 times faster than C-Prolog, 2-3 times faster than SWI-prolog, 1.5-2 times faster than (X)SB-prolog and close to C-emulated Sicstus 2.1.). BinProlog's very small code-size and high performances make it suitable to be integrated in industrial C-applications that need the services of an embedded logic programming engine. Multi-BinProlog 2.00 is a prototype Linda-style parallel extension to BinProlog 1.71 developed by Koen De Bosschere and Paul Tarau. This version uses Koen's C-parser and C-writer which together speed-up IO considerably. It works with shared-memory and remote procedure calls. BinProlog includes many examples, such as a VT100 implementation of Tetris, a breadth-first meta-interpreter, an implementation of backpropagation (neural nets), a CHAT parser, and implementations of knight's tour and N-queens.
References: Papers related to the implementation are included in the distribution. Requires: C, TCL 7.3, TK 3.6, addinput-3.6a Ports: Sparc, DEC Alpha, MIPS (SGI, DEC), 68k (NeXT, Sun3), R6000 (IBM), Solaris, and 386/486. Copying: BinProlog 2.20 Copyright (c) 1992-93 Paul Tarau. Multi-BinProlog 2.00 Copyright (c) 1992-93 Paul Tarau, Copyright (c) 1993 Koen De Bosschere Use and modification for research and other non-profit purposes is permitted, provided the copyright notice is retained intact. See copying.txt for details. Use in industrial applications, licensing of C-sources, porting to other platforms, BinProlog related support and consulting are available but need a separate agreement. See pricing.txt, license.src, and license.bin for details. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Dr. Paul Tarau or Dept. of Computer Science Universite de Moncton Moncton N.B. Canada E1A-3E9 Contact: Keywords: 8-Queens, Authors!Tarau, Backpropagation, BinProlog, Compilers!Prolog, Interpreters!Prolog, Knight's Tour, Meta-Circular Interpreter!Prolog, MultiBinProlog, N-Queens, Neural Networks, Parsing, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!IBM PC, Prolog!Implementations, Prolog!Parsing, Prolog!UNIX, Tcl/Tk X11 Interface, Tetris
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