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Aquarius Prolog: Information about Aquarius Prolog, a free (with license) high-performance portable implementation of Prolog.

Aquarius Prolog is a high-performance, portable Prolog implementation developed since 1989 by the Aquarius Project at UC/Berkeley, the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory (ACAL) at the University of Southern California (USC), and at Digital Equipment Corporation's Paris Research Laboratory. The developers are Tom Getzinger, Ralph Clarke Haygood, and Peter Van Roy. Aquarius Prolog includes: - A compiler with global analysis. The compiler is built around the Berkeley Abstract Machine (BAM) execution model for Prolog. BAM retains desirable features of the Warren Abstract Machine (WAM), but allows for significant further optimizations and is easier to map onto actual general-purpose machines. - A back-end that maps the BAM onto various actual general-purpose machines, including MIPS R3000 (DEC Ultrix and MIPS RISC/os), SPARC (SunOS), HP 9000 300/400 with MC68020, MC68030 or MC68040 processors (HP-UX), and Sun3 (SunOS). - A run-time system offering substantially the same built-in predicates and memory management as Quintus Prolog, with additions such as two kinds of destructive assignment. Most of the built-in predicates are written in Prolog, with little or no performance penalty. Aquarius Prolog also includes an interpreter and documentation. Aquarius Prolog comes in two distributions, Enduser and Full. The latter includes full source code and implementation notes. ******************************************************************* *** NOTE: It is not possible to put Aquarius itself in the *** *** Repository or on the CD-ROM, because its use requires a *** *** license agreement, but the license is free. This directory *** *** contains the Release Announcement, some readme.txt files *** *** and other documentation, and the License Agreement. *** *******************************************************************
Ports: MIPS R3000 (DEC Ultrix and MIPS RISC/os), SPARC (SunOS), HP 9000 300/400 with MC68020, MC68030 or MC68040 processors (HP-UX), and Sun3 (SunOS). Copying: Free, after returning a license agreement. Aquarius Prolog may be obtained free of charge from USC, after signing and returning a license agreement. To get the license agreement, send a message to with get aquarius-info license in the message body. To get more information about the Full and Enduser distributions, send the listserver a message containing one or both of the two lines: get aquarius-info readme-full get aquarius-info readme-enduser To subscribe to the aquarius-prolog mailing list, send the listserver a message with body: subscribe aquarius-prolog To get more information about the abilities of the listserver, send it a message with 'help' in the body. CD-ROM: No. Author(s): Tom Getzinger, Ralph Clarke Haygood, and Peter Van Roy. Contact: University of Southern California Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory (ACAL) Attn: Aquarius Prolog Licensing 3740 S. McClintock, Suite 131 Los Angeles, CA 90089-2561 Keywords: Aquarius Prolog, Authors!Getzinger, Authors!Haygood, Authors!Van Roy, Berkeley Prolog, Compilers!Prolog, Interpreters!Prolog, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!Implementations, Prolog!UNIX, USC References: ?
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