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PCLisp: Franz Lisp interpreter for IBM PCs

PC LISP is a Lisp interpreter for IBM PCs (MSDOS). PC-LISP is a Franz LISP dialect and is by no means Common LISP compatible. This is a binary-only shareware distribution; if you like it and use it, please send $15 to the author. (We have not verified the author's address and phone number.) Source code (in C) is available from the author.
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Version: 3.00 (1-FEB-90) Copying: Copyright (c) 1985-90 by Peter Ashwood-Smith Shareware $15. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Peter Ashwood-Smith 8 du Muguet, Hull, Quebec, CANADA J9A-2L8 Tel: 819-595-9032 (home) Keywords: Authors!Ashwood-Smith, Franz Lisp, Lisp!PC Lisp, PC Lisp, Programming Languages!Franz Lisp References: Some documentation is included in the distribution.
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