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CORBIT and BOOPS: Object-oriented extension of Common Lisp based on a prototype (classless) model of OOP.

CommonORBIT (also called CORBIT) is an object-oriented extension of Common Lisp. It uses a prototype (classless) model of OOP, is easy to use and yet has many sophisticated features found also in KL-ONE type languages. CommonORBIT is a Common Lisp reimplementation of ORBIT, which was originally conceived by Luc Steels around 1981-1983. Because of its delegation-based rather than class-based inheritance, CommonORBIT offers extreme flexibility to define and change practically anything at run-time. Because of the generic functions, it fits well into regular Lisp code. It can co-exist with CLOS but remains completely separate. BOOPS (Beginner's Object-Oriented Programming System) is a stripped-down version of CORBIT. It is very small, efficient and simple and intended for classroom use. Documentation (postscript, MSWord, Ascii) is included.

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Version: 21-JAN-93 Copying: Use, copying, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Koenraad de Smedt Leiden University Unit of Experimental and Theoretical Psychology PO Box 9555 2300 RB Leiden, The Netherlands Keywords: Authors!de Smedt, BOOPS, CORBIT, CommonORBIT, Leiden University, Lisp!Code, OOP!Lisp, Prototypes References: De Smedt, K., "Object-oriented programming in Flavors and CommonORBIT", in Hawley, R., editor, Artificial Intelligence Programming Environments, Ellis Horwood, Chichester, pages 157-176, 1987.
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