Q15.2: What mailing lists are there?

     Mailing lists are unregulated, unmoderated,  information  sources  in
     which  messages sent in by subscribers are posted out immediately and
     individually to all other subscribers. Digests are listed in Q15.1.
 Genetic Programming Mailing List
     The GP community uses this list as a discussion forum, news  exchange
     and FAQ distribution channel, overseen by John Koza and James Rice at

     o  Admin requests: <genetic-programming-REQUEST@cs.stanford.edu>

     o  The   anonymous   FTP   archive:   ftp.cc.utexas.edu:/pub/genetic-
	programming/  includes  a lengthy, but "mostly interesting" FAQ by
	James Rice on GP related subjects. A HTML  version  is  accessible

 Tierra Mailing List
     Thomas  Ray's Tierra is discussed elsewhere (see Q4.1); here's how to
     obtain Tierra electronically and get in contact with other users.

     o  Admin requests: <tierra-REQUEST@life.slhs.udel.edu>

     o  Anonymous FTP archive: tierra.slhs.udel.edu:/pub/ (tierra, almond,
	beagle, etc.)

 GA-Molecule mailing list
     o  Admin details: <ga-molecule-request@tammy.harvard.edu>

 UK's Evolutionary-Computation mailing list
     o  Admin details: <evolutionary-computing-request@mailbase.ac.uk>

 GEnetic Algorithm Research Student mailing list
     Provides   a  forum  for  research  students  interested  in  GENETIC

     o  Admin requests: <gaphd-list-request@dcs.warwick.ac.uk>

 GANN: Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks
     This list will focus on the use of evolutionary  algorithms  (GENETIC
     ALGORITHMs,   GENETIC   PROGRAMMING   and   their  variants)  in  the
     EXPLORATION of  the  design  space  of  (artificial)  neural  network
     architectures  and  algorithms.   The  list will be semi-moderated to
     keep the signal to noise ratio as high as possible.  (This  list  was
     formerly known as the neuro-evolution e-mail list.)

     o  Admin requests/enquiries: gann-request@cs.iastate.edu

     o  Subscription   requests   to   the  admin  address  with  Subject:

 gattbl: Timetabling mailing list
     This group is for people using GAs and other techniques for  exam  or
     course scheduling for academic institutions. To subscribe, send email
     to <ttp-request@cs.nott.ac.uk>.

 Evolutionary Models in the Social Sciences
     See Q10.8 for details.

 Genetic Algorithms in Production Scheduling
     The GASched list is for discussion of the use of  GENETIC  ALGORITHMs
     on  Production Scheduling Problems (only).  Possible subjects for the
     list include:

     o  GAs for job-shop scheduling theory,

     o  GAs for practical problem solving in industry,

     o  problem representation within the GENETIC ALGORITHM,

     o  combinatorial optimisation techniques for scheduling problems,
     o  results & effects of GA-based systems working in industry,

     o  techniques for improving PERFORMANCE,

     o  problem data,

     or any other burning  issues  which  come  into  GAs  for  production

     To  send  an  administration message (to subscribe, be removed, or if
     you have a question about the  list  rather  than  *for*  it),  email
     <gasched-owner@acse.sheffield.ac.uk>   with   your   name  and  email
     address, and you should hear back within a few days!

     There is an Autopoiesis Email List for the discussion of  the  theory
     of Autopoiesis of H. Maturana and F. Varela.  Autopoiesis means self-
     production and concerns self-organizing systems.

     To join send a  message  containing  the  text:  SUB  AUTOPOIESIS  to

     To  see  what  other  systems and philosophy lists exist at this site
     send the message: HELP instead.
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