Q14: What Technical Reports are available?

     Technical reports are informally published, unrefereed papers  giving
     up-to-date  information  on  what is going on at research institutes.
     Many later  go  on  to  be  formally  published  in  journals  or  at

 TCGA Reports
     The  Clearing  House  for  Genetic  Algorithms (TCGA) at the Univ. of
     Alabama (Tuscaloosa) distributes TCGA technical reports. A number  of
     these  are  now available in compressed Postscript form via FTP from:
      . Read the file README first.

     Contact:  Robert  Elliott  Smith,  Department   of   Engineering   of
     Mechanics,  Room  210  Hardaway Hall, The University of Alabama, P.O.
     Box  870278,  Tuscaloosa,  AL  35487,  USA.   Tel:  (205)   348-1618,
     <rob@comec4.mh.ua.edu>, or Dr. Ron Sun <rsun@athos.cs.ua.edu>

 IlliGAL Reports
     The   Illinois  Genetic  Algorithms  Laboratory  distributes  IlliGAL
     technical reports, as well as reprints of  other  publications;  they
     are available in hardcopy and can be ordered from: IlliGAL Librarian,
     Department of General Engineering, 117 Transportation  Building,  104
     South     Mathews     Avenue,    Urbana,    IL    61801-2996,    USA.

     NOTE: When ordering, please include your surface mail address!

     IlliGAL also have  an  anonymous-FTP  server,  holding  most  of  the
     existing  IlliGAL reports, at: gal4.ge.uiuc.edu:/pub/papers/IlliGALs/
     There is also a WWW home page with a complete list, order  form,  and
     other information at: ">gal4.ge.uiuc.edu:/illigal.home.html">ftp://gal4.ge.uiuc.edu:/illigal.home.html

 SyS Reports
     The  Systems  Analysis  Research  Group  (SyS)  at  the University of
     Dortmund,   maintains   an   experimental   anonymous   FTP   server:
      .  On  lumpi  you  can find SyS-Reports from 1992 on. (Get "/pub/ls-
     Ral.Z" and look for "papers" folders, the  server  is  sorted  by  EA
     paradigms,  i.e.  "/pub/GA/papers"  contains  papers  related to GAs,
     etc.).  A strongly recommended, and quarterly updated,  report  is  a
     list   of   current   applications   of   GAs,   EP   and   ESs;  get
     "/pub/EA/papers/ea-app.ps.gz" (SyS-2/92).

 Bionics Reports
     The Bionics and EVOLUTION  Techniques  Laboratory  at  the  Technical
     University   of  Berlin  maintains  an  anonymous  FTP  server:  ftp-
      .  On  ftp-bionik  you  find  reports  and  software,   related   to
     Evolutionary Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks.

 University College London Reports
     A  number  of GENETIC ALGORITHM reports produced by UCL are available
     via  anonymous  FTP  at  cs.ucl.ac.uk:/genetic/papers/  Abstracts  of
     others can be obtained via WWW at http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/rns/

 Other Sources of Reports
     Reports  are also available from some of the sources listed in Q15.1,
     Q15.2 and Q15.3.
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