Q10.10: CD-ROMs?

  PTF for AI by CMU
     Carnegie Mellon University is establishing an Artificial Intelligence
     Repository  to  contain  public  domain  and   freely   distributable
     software,  publications,  and  other  materials  of  interest  to  AI
     researchers, educators, and  students.  The  AI  Repository  will  be
     accessible  by  anonymous  FTP  and  Andrew File System (AFS) without
     charge (See Q15.3).  The contents of  the  repository  will  also  be
     published  by  Prime  Time  Freeware  as  an  inexpensive mixed-media
     (Book/CD-ROM) publication.

     For your information, here is a precis of the CD-ROM:

     PTF for AI is a periodic collection of  AI-related  source  code  and
     documentation.   PTF for AI in no way modifies the legal restrictions
     on any package it includes.  The  first  issue  (1-1;  Summer,  1993)
     consisted  of  an  ISO-9660  CD-ROM  bound into a ~100 page book.  It
     contained ~600  MB  of  gzipped  archives  (2+  GB  uncompressed  and
     unpacked).  Cost: $60 US.

     For  more  information  contact:  Mark  Kantrowitz, Archivist, CMU AI
     Repository, Editor, PTF for AI.  Net:  <mkant+repository@cs.cmu.edu>,
     Tel: +1 412-268-2582, Fax: +1 412-681-5739.

     Network  Cybernetics  Corporation  is  now shipping the second annual
     revision of their  popular  AI  CD-ROM,  an  ISO-9660  format  CD-ROM
     containing  a  wide  assortment  of  information on AI, Robotics, and
     other advanced machine technologies. The AI CD-ROM contains thousands
     of  programs,  source  code  collections, tutorials, research papers,
     Internet journals, and other resources. The  topics  covered  include
     artificial  intelligence, artificial life, robotics, virtual reality,
     and many related fields. Programs for  OS/2,  DOS,  Macintosh,  UNIX,
     Amiga,  and other platforms can be found on the disc.  The files have
     been  collected  from  civilian  and  government  research   centers,
     universities,  Internet archive sites, BBS systems and other sources.
     The CD-ROM is updated annually to keep it  current  with  the  latest
     trends  and developments in advanced machine technologies such as AI.
     The AI CD-ROM Rev. 1 was a "CD-ROM professional consumer disk product
     of  the  year  award"  finalist and has received good reviews in many
     magazines including  Byte  (Jerry  Pournelle,  March  '93)  and  IEEE
     Computer (J. Zalewski, July '93), CD-ROM Professional and others.

     For  people  wanting  to see a complete listing of the CD's contents,
     look for the file AICDROM2.ZIP at an ftp site near you.  The file  is
     also  available from the Compuserve AI forum, and the NCC dial-up BBS
     at 214-258-1832. It contains the file listing, this press release,  a
     couple   of   magazine  reviews  of  the  disc,  and  other  assorted

     Inquiries to: Network Cybernetics  Corporation,  4201  Wingren  Road,
     Suite  202,  Irving,  TX  75062-2763,  USA  (Fax:  214-650-1929, Net:
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