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ART-2: Simulation of ART-2 Neural Networks

This directory contains two implementations of ART-2 Neural Networks. They were written by students of Stephen Grossberg in a programming laboratory (CN550). The file gaudiano.tgz contains what seems to be a more up to date version of the implementation included in art2.tgz. Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) networks, as proposed by Carpenter and Grossberg, form clusters and are trained without supervision.

   Boston University CNS

Version: 2-JUL-92 Copying: Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Paolo Gaudiano or Boston University Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems 111 Cummington Street Boston, MA 02215 USA Steve Lehar Keywords: ART-2, Adaptive Resonance Theory, Authors!Gaudiano, Authors!Lehar, C!Code, Carpenter, Classification, Clustering, Grossberg, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, Neural Networks!Simulators References: G. Carpenter and S. Grossberg ``ART 2: self-organization of stable category recognition codes for analog input patterns'', Applied Optics 26(23):4919-4930, 1987.
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