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SNePS: Semantic Network Processing System

SNePS (Semantic Network Processing System) is the implementation of a fully intensional theory of propositional knowledge representation and reasoning. SNePS includes a module for creating and accessing propositional semantic networks, path-based inference, node-based inference based on SWM (a relevance logic with quantification) that uses natural deduction and can deal with recursive rules, forward, backward and bi-directional inference, nonstandard logical connectives and quantifiers, an assumption based TMS for belief revision (SNeBR), a morphological analyzer and a generalized ATN (GATN) parser for parsing and generating natural language, SNePSLOG, a predicate-logic-style interface to SNePS, XGinseng, an X-based graphics interface for displaying, creating and editing SNePS networks, SNACTor, a preliminary version of the SNePS Acting component, and SNIP 2.2, a new implementation of the SNePS Inference Package that uses rule shadowing and knowledge migration to speed up inference. SNeRE (the SNePS Rational Engine), which is part of Deepak Kumar's dissertation about the integration of inference and acting, will replace the current implementation of SNACTor. Note: The bib.tgz and manual.pgz files are already included in the release; they're there in case you don't want to unpack the entire release just to get the bibliography and manual.
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   as the file rel-x-yyy.tar.Z, where 'x-yyy' is the version.

Version: 2.1 rel 1-400 Requires: Common Lisp, Garnet (for XGinseng) Ports: SNePS has been tested in Allegro CL 4.1, Lucid CL 4.0, TI Common Lisp, CLISP May-93, and CMU CL 17b. It should also run in Symbolics CL, AKCL 1.600 and higher, VAX Common Lisp, and MCL. Copying: GNU GPL v2. If you use SNePS, please send a short message to and CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: SNePS Wizard Mailing List: SNUG (SNePS Users Group) To be added to the mailing list, send mail to and Author(s): Stuart C. Shapiro Joongmin Choi, (SNIP) Martin Zaidel and John Lewocz (XGinseng) Deepak Kumar (SNeRE) Hans Chalupsky Contact: SNePS Wizard Department of Computer Science, 226 Bell Hall State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 14260 USA Keywords: ATN Parser, Authors!Kumar, Authors!Shapiro, Backward Inference, Bi-Directional Inference, Forward Inference, GNU GPL, Intensional, Knowledge Representation, Lisp!Code, Morphological Analyzer, NLG, Natural Deduction, Parsing, Predicate Logic, Propositions, SNACTor, SNIP, SNeBR, SNePS, SNePSLOG, SNeRE, SWM, Semantic Networks, Truth Maintenance, XGinseng References: ?
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