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Expert: An expert system written in ADA.

EXPERT is a backward chaining (goal driven) expert system. It is based on two articles. The first (Duda and Gaschnig, September 1981 BYTE) published the expert system in BASIC skirting the use of recursion, and the second (Darrell Morgeson, Jan/Feb 85 issue of JOURNAL OF PASCAL, ADA, & MODULA-2) published in Modula-2 with recursion implemented. The listing had one logic error which caused pointer explosion on the last hypothesis in the GETRULE routine. This implementation follows the MODULA-2 design completely and was not designed from the ground up in Ada. Many improvements would be possible if more time permitted my working on this.
Origin: (from SIMTEL20)

Version: 1.0 (3-DEC-85) Requires: ADA Ports: Has been tested on VAX 11/785 (VMS 4.1) with DEC Ada Copying: Public Domain CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Alan McDonley, Texas Instruments Keywords: ADA, Authors!McDonley, Expert System Shells References: ?
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