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Expert System Shells


   babylon/   BABYLON: Development environment for expert 
   clips/     CLIPS: C Language Integrated Production System
   es/        ES: A Public Domain Expert System
   esfm/      ESFM: Prolog Expert System for Forestry 
   esie/      ESIE and Logic-Line: Expert System Shell and AI 
              Retrieval/Correlation Tool.
   expert/    Expert: An expert system written in ADA.
   frulekit/  FRulekit: Frame-based RETE production system.
   hugin/     HUGIN Expert System: Demo versions for Solaris, 
              Sun4, and Windows
   les/       LES: Learning Expert System
   mike/      MIKE: Free and portable expert system teaching 
   ops5/      OPS5: RETE-based expert system shell.
   salvini/   PROTEST: Prolog Expert System Building Tool
This directory contains a variety of Expert System Shells.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Expert System Shells
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