Rayshade Imagery

Here are some images to give you a feel for what Rayshade can do. Follow the titles to see the full images (in compressed JPEG format), or use the .ray files to see the source code used to generate these images. Full 24bit color images and complete animations are also available in Utah Raster Toolkit [URT] format, but be forewarned: URT files may be over 10 times larger than the JPEGs, and your display tool may not understand them anyway.

This page is text-only; a visually appealing page with icons is also available.

  • Ashtray image (256x256 pixels, 6Kb) [URT 73Kb]
    [ashtray.ray, ashtray.def.ray]
  • Balls image (256x256 pixels, 6Kb) [URT 92Kb]
  • Blob image (240x240 pixels, 4Kb) [URT 83Kb]
  • Boxball image (320x256 pixels, 14Kb) [URT 249Kb]
  • Buckyball image (800x800 pixels, 84Kb) [URT 744Kb]
  • Coin animation (mpeg) (50x50 pixels, 1Kb) [URT 55Kb] BIG version (400x400 pixels, 4Kb) [URT 944Kb]
  • CSG image (512x512 pixels, 14Kb) [URT 87Kb]
  • Font image (320x200 pixels, 14Kb) [URT 124Kb]
  • Font2 image (640x400 pixels, 37Kb) [URT 266Kb]
  • Glass image (512x512 pixels, 32Kb) [URT 221Kb]
    [glass.ray, glass.def.ray]
  • Lawn image (128x120 pixels, 3Kb) [URT 48Kb]
  • MTV image (100x100 pixels, 5Kb) [URT 26Kb]
  • Pac image (256x256 pixels, 8Kb) [URT 113Kb] BIG version (1150x880 pixels, 70Kb) [URT 1599Kb]
  • Pipes image (256x256 pixels, 24Kb) [URT 228Kb]
    [pipes.ray, pipes.def.ray, igrid.def.ray]
  • Planet image (256x256 pixels, 4Kb) [URT 60Kb]
  • Pool image (512x512 pixels, 25Kb) [URT 398Kb]
  • S_chain image (800x800 pixels, 100Kb) [URT 1626Kb]
  • Solids image (400x400 pixels, 16Kb) [URT 297Kb]
  • Stripe image (500x160 pixels, 11Kb) [URT 156Kb]
  • Subs image (512x512 pixels, 29Kb) [URT 519Kb] BIG version (1125x900 pixels, 87Kb) [URT 2128Kb]
    [subs.ray, sub.h, jaws.def.ray]
  • Tree image (1152x900 pixels, 243Kb) [URT 3085Kb]
    [tree.ray, tree.def.ray, leaves.def.ray]
  • View image (640x480 pixels, 37Kb) [URT 549Kb]

  • For more information on Rayshade please see the Rayshade Home Page. For details on a URT animation display tool see the Utah Raster Toolkit README file and FTP site.
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