18-213/18-613 Intro to Computer Systems: Homeworks

In addition to the labs, there will be weekly homeworks:

  • The first homework will go out on Tuesday August 30.
  • Homeworks (after homework #1) are released and collected on Canvas as a quiz.
  • There are 12 homeworks in all. Homeworks #6 and #7 of the 12 are combined into one double-points homework (HW 6/7), which will be a low-stakes, open book, take-home midterm. Further details on HW 6/7 will be presented in lecture and posted to Piazza.
  • Homeworks (other than HW 6/7) are released on Tuesdays, and due 9 days later at 11:59 pm ET. There are no grace days. The late penalty is 15% per day. You can turn in a homework at most 3 days late.
  • The rules are different for HW 6/7. It is released on Monday October 10 and due on Friday October 14 at 11:59 pm ET. Unlike the other homeworks, HW 6/7 is 80 minutes self-timed, and you only get one attempt at your answers. There is at most one late day (at 15% penalty) for HW 6/7, i.e., it must be turned in by Saturday Oct 15 at 11:59 pm ET. This is because midsemester grades are due, and HW 6/7 is included in your midsemester grade.
  • We will drop your two lowest scores. The 10 remaining are each worth 2% of your course grade. HW 6/7 counts as two homeworks for this accounting.
  • The homeworks are designed to reinforce concepts from the lectures held the week the homework is released. HW 6/7 is designed as a low-stakes midterm covering the material through the September 29 lecture.