Lecture Notes

  1. Goals and philosophy
    (If you want to see the videos you will need to download
    them as well. I've added several to what I showed in lecture.)
    FRIDA assembling E-Stop (Lund University)
    Vicki the chimpanzee videos:
    v14_4 v15_3 v1_4 v26_4 v3_3 v4_3 v5_4 v7_4 v8_4 v9_3
    Julia Child SlicingPotato
    For the robotic origami video, YouTube "robotic origami"
    smartAssyS smartOrientWhiteS
    I did not upload the cup-stacking video -- too big.
    Nor the Michael Moschen video, for copyright reasons.
    Aibo Pedipulation video (courtesy of Ethan Tira-Thompson)
    Some ape and monkey stuff I've collected:
    1. Termite fishing
    2. Notes on chimp vs human genome. Locomotion implications of Lucy's butt. Marzke interview touching on chimp throwing and Lucy throwing.
    3. Humans vs baboons I.
    4. Humans vs baboons II.
    5. Monkeys vs humans I.
    6. Monkeys vs humans II.

    Force closure computation (for Problem Set 7)

    (Notes below this point are unrevised from previous years.)

  2. Kinematic foundations
    1. Central projection figure (Cabri file)
    2. Parallel lines figure (Cabri file)
    3. Dual construct figure (Cabri file)
  3. Planar kinematics
    some additional resources:
    1. Cornell kinematics site
    2. Kinematic Synthesis of Linkages, by Denavit and Hartenberg, full text onlin
    3. Movie files used in lecture
      1. FourBarLinkage
      2. EllipticTrammels
      3. SliderCrank
      4. SliderCrankWithCouplerPoints
      5. SliderCrankWithCouplerCurves
      6. EllipticTrammels
      7. EllipticTrammelsWithIC
      8. EllipticTrammelsWithFixedCentrode
      9. EllipticTrammelsWithBothCentrodes
      10. EllipticTrammelsWithOneCurve
      11. EllipticTrammelsWithFiveCurves
    4. Cabri files
      1. Decomposition
      2. DecompositionReverse
      3. EllipticTrammels
      4. FourBarLinkage
      5. SliderCrank
  4. Spatial kinematics. Constraint
    1. Kinematics of Machinery: Outlines of a Theory of Machines.
      Franz Reuleaux and Alex B. W. Kennedy (ed. and trans.)
      full text online .
  5. Nonholonomy
    1. Planar contact constraints (Reuleaux's method)
    2. Nonholonomic constraint
  6. Machine manipulation before robotics
    Skipped. Interested students should read the lecture notes.
  7. Kinematic representation: spatial rotation
  8. Quaternions.
  9. Screw coordinates. (That's not an imperative, it's a noun phrase.)
  10. Representing kinematic constraint
  11. Factory manipulation; pick-and-place
  12. Cspace transform , pick -and-place
    1. Addendum, pick-and-place notes
  13. Kinematic models of contact
  14. Foundations of statics.
  15. Polyhedral Convex Cones
  16. Oriented Plane
  17. Moment Labelling
  18. Skipped: Early autonomous manipulation
  19. Friction
  20. Planar sliding
    1. Examples one, two, and three.
    2. Limit surface Mathematica notebook
    3. Limit surface for barbell, views 1, 2, and 3
  21. Pushing.
    1. See the examples: here and here
  22. Quasistatic manipulation. Grasps and fixtures.
  23. Force dual
    1. Polar Mathematica notebook
    2. Polar video
    3. Duality video
  24. Parts orienting
    1. Bowl feeder video
    2. Sony APOS parts orienting system
    3. http://www.braintech.com/videos-rbp.php
  25. Biological manipulation
  26. Dynamics
    1. Tumbling body video
  27. Dynamics and frictional contact; impact
  28. TBD
  29. Conclusion

Other old lectures / notes

  1. Quasidynamic parts orienting
  2. Manipulation planning
  3. Mehmet's lecture?
  4. Juggling "theory"
  5. Degani's lecture: Dynamic Climbing
  6. Juggling "practice"