Course: 15-880(B) - Computational Models of Neural Systems

General Class Information

Days and Time: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 1:30 to 2:50 PM
Place: Wean Hall 4615A
Dave Touretzky
Office: 8128 Wean Hall
Office Hours by appt.
phone: 412-268-7561
David Redish
Office: Wean Hall 8301
Office Hours by appt.
phone: 412-258-3074
12 units (CMU)
4 credits (Pitt)
probably 1 core unit (CS or NPC)
class presentation of selected papers, plus a take-home final.
Prior familiarity with either computer science or neuroscience. Computer science students should have passed the graduate AI core course, or taken at least two undergraduate courses in AI or cognitive modeling. Neuroscience students should have taken Neuroscience 1 and 3 and have some formal training in computation, such as an undergraduate programming class.
This course is an in-depth study of information processing in real neural systems from a computer science perspective. We will examine several brain areas where processing is sufficiently well understood that it can be discussed in terms of specific representations and algorithms. We will focus primarily on computer models of these systems, after establishing the necessary anatomical, physiological, and psychophysical context. There will be some neuroscience tutorial lectures for those with no prior background in this area.
The syllabus

Lectures and Handouts

17 January 1995
DST: Introduction
19 January 1995
DST: Computation and the Brain
24 January 1995
DST: Neurophysiology for Computer Scientists
26 January 1995
DST: Matrix Memories
DST: Terms and References
31 January 1995
Nathan Urban: Neurophysiology of Hippocampus
2 February 1995
DST: Marr
7 February 1995
DST: Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map I
9 February 1995
David Redish: Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map II
14 February 1995
DST: Recoding in the Hippocampus
16 February 1995
Randy O'Reilly: Pattern Separation and Completion
DST: Cholinergic Modulation
21 February 1995
Jim Dilmore: LTP and LTD
23 February 1995
DST: Clusteron and Volume Learning Models
28 February 1995
DST: Olfactory cortex
DST: Competetive Learning
2 March 1995
Ravi Desai: Granger/Lynch Model of Piriform Cortex
7 March 1995
Nathan Urban: Wilson/Bower Model of Piriform Cortex
9 March 1995
Ken Rideout: Chaos and the Freeman et al. Model of Piriform Cortex
14 March 1995
Lisa Saksida: Classical Conditioning
16 March 1995
DST: Invertebrate Learning Mechanisms
21 March 1995
No class, Spring Break.
23 March 1995
No class, Spring Break.
28 March 1995
DST: Backprop
30 March 1995
DST: Backprop
DST: Intro to VI
4 April 1995
Yi-Jen Lin: Motion Processing in the Fly Retina
7 April 1995
DST: Stereo Vision
11 April 1995
Jordan Fielder: Development of Ocular Dominance and Orientation Selectivity in V1
13 April 1995
Rich Zemel: Motion Processing in V1 and MT
18 April 1995
Andrew Gove: Shape From Shading
20 April 1995
Thea Ghiselli-Crippa: Coordinate Transformations in Parietal Cortex
25 April 1995
David Redish: Superior Colliculus and Saccade Generation
27 April 1995
Jim-Shih Liaw: Visuomotor coordination in Frogs
2 May 1995
David Redish: Vector Models of Motor Control
4 May 1995
DST: Cerebellum

A. David Redish
Carnegie Mellon University