html xmlns=""> 15-859NN: Spectral Graph Theory II, Spring 2021

The class will be a ZOOM meeting ZOOM.

Course Information

Gary Miller (Office Hours: Monday 2-3PM and Thursday 2-3PM )
To join the office hours click this link. ZOOM-OH.
Teaching Assistant: First Class: Monday February 1
Place/Time: GHC 4102, MWF 10:30 - 11:50AM.
Course Secretary: Rosie Battenfelder (Office: GHC 4103)

Official Course Blog will be Piazza: cmu-15-859N Piazza Please signup.


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    This class will be a continuation of the Spectral Graph Theory class 15-859N in Spring 2020. The class will be gin with a review of material from the Spring 2020 class. Afterwards the remaining material will be topic not covered. The course will also cover high dimensional geometry topics that overlap with spectral graph theory. Student in the class will be required to pick and present a paper or topic relevant to the class. For those of you who are more inclined to the experimental side, a presentation on your experiments will be acceptable.