Date Lecture Topic Homework,Project
9/13 1 Cryptography: introduction, symmetric-key cryptography HW 1 out
9/21 2 Public-key cryptography, digital signatures, applications of PKC  
9/28 3 Authentication: introduction, protocols, design principles HW 1 due, HW 2 out
10/5 4 Logics and models for reasoning about authentication  
10/9 5 (F) Fundamental limitations of cryptography (guest lecturer: Prof. Rudich)  
10/12 6 No Class (mid-semester break), hand in homework to my office HW 2 due, HW 3 out
10/19 7 Tools for reasoning about authentication  
10/26 7 Electronic commerce: introduction, protocols  
11/2 8 Electronic voting, electronic auctions HW 3 due, HW 4 out,and Project proposal due
11/9 9 Digital watermarking Project final approval
11/16 10 Security in the real world
Guest lecturers: Adrian Perrig, Tom Longstaff (SEI)
HW 4 due
11/23 11 Business, societal, and management aspects of e-commerce
Guest lecturers: Prof. Marvin Sirbu (EPP) and Prof. Ramayyan Krishnan (Heinz)
11/24 12 Project presentations:
Security in Distributed Computing (William Benard, Chris Lumb & John Strunk)
11/30 13 Project presentations:
Executable Cash (Oleg Cheiner & Ted Wong)
Electronic Proxy Voting (Imju Byon, Kayron Pirestani & Yen-Ming Chen
Stock Market Game (Tony DeWitt & Tom Kang)
Steganography Cryptanalysis (Hannes Kruppa & Syed Umair Shah)
Smartcard (Sam Weiler, Ciprian Agapi, Dionisio de Niz & Jason McIlvain)
Project orals and demos
12/2 W   Project written reports due