15-750 Graduate Algorithms: Course Policies

Policy Goals

The main goal of these policies to two fold:

1) Help you understand and use the material of this course in your further life.

2) Insure that people and especially further employers believe you have mastered the skills presented in the class.


The course grade will be apportioned as follows:
Homework    25%
Midterm 1 20%
Midterm 2 20%
Final exam 35%

Here is the approximate grading standard. (Subject to change) Per our discussion in class the grades will be graded on a curve. Those students completing all the work for the class should expect a grade ranging from A+ to B-.



Lateness and Absence

Makeups for the two exams and the final must be arranged at least one week in advance, barring extreme situations. Make sure to document any health problems you might have.

Academic Integrity

As a graduate class we will assume that you understand the issues and do not need an explanation here.


Feel free to contact any member of the course staff to clarify these policies.

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