Ambrosia Project Team Schedule Conflicts
TimeSundayMondayTuesday WednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday
9:00am rd rd
10:00am rd rd
11:00am rd rd
1:00pm jh jb,rd,jh,jp jb,rd,jh,jp
2:00pm jh jb,rd,jh,jp jb,rd,jh,jp (jh)
3:00pm rd jh,(jp) rd rd,(jh)
4:00pm rd jh,(jp) rd rd
5:00pm (jp) jh
6:00pm rd jh
7:00pm rd jh
8:00pm jh
9:00pm (jb) (jh)
10:00pm (jh)


Initials in a time slot indicate that that team member can NOT meet at that time.
If the initials are in parentheses then the team member can meet some weeks but not others during that time.
The time blocks Begin at the times listed on the left.
Initials Name
jb Joshua Baer
rd Robert Dean
jh John Huebner
jp Jed Pickel