15-494/694 Cognitive Robotics Lab 9:
Motion Detection

I. Software Update, SDK Update, and Initial Setup

Note: You can do this lab either individually, or in teams of two.

At the beginning of every lab you should update your copy of the cozmo-tools package. Do this:

$ cd ~/cozmo-tools
$ git pull

II. Motion Detection

The Cozmo SDK posts an event when motion is detected in the camera image. In cozmo-tools this is turned into an ObservedMotionEvent object. Run the Lab9Demo.fsm demo and wave your fingers in front of the camera to generate some motion detection events.

Now read the documentation for the SDK's EvtRobotObservedMotion class to understand what information is available. In cozmo-tools you can look in event.params for the event parameters.

While running the Lab9Demo behavior, after an event is detected, look in robot.event.params to see the parameters. Notice that one of the parameters is a timestamp.

III. Event Annotation

Modify cozmo_fsm/program.py to set up a handler for EvtRobotObservedMotion events and add them to a queue. Each event should remain in the queue for 2 seconds, based on its timestamp.

Modify the image annotator to draw a circle in the camera image for each observed motion event in the queue, using the event's parameters to determine the circle's location. Can you further tailor the circle using additional event information?

IV. Response to Motion

If Cozmo doesn't see any cubes, he can turn to find some. But which way should he turn? Write a behavior that uses motion events to determine which way to turn to find a cube.

Hand In

Hand in the code you wrote above.

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