15-494 Cognitive Robotics
Spring 2013
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Hand in assignments by emailing the relevant source files to Mark Perez.


Remote Access

If you would like to compile files or run the Tekkotsu simulator remotely, you can ssh into the machines in the Robotics Education Lab using the following command:
ssh -X hostname -l userid@ANDREW.CMU.EDU
And here is a list of the lab machines:
  1. beorn.rel.ri.cmu.edu
  2. celeborn.rel.ri.cmu.edu
  3. dain.rel.ri.cmu.edu
  4. denethor.rel.ri.cmu.edu
  5. elrond.rel.ri.cmu.edu
  6. galadriel.rel.ri.cmu.edu
  7. sauron.rel.ri.cmu.edu
  8. theoden.rel.ri.cmu.edu
  9. thranduil.rel.ri.cmu.edu