Course Assignments

There should be a homework assignment roughly every week.

Submission Setup

  • Log to any Andrew workstation (Host Name is
  • Create a symbolic link from your home dir to the submission folder. A symbolic link is a way to make a directory or file in one location appear as if its also in another location. You can create a link by running
    ln -s /afs/ 15451
    This command will create the symbolic link namend '15451' in your home account. When you 'cd' into the 15451 directory in your home account, you will actually be moved to the /afs/ directory.
  • If by any reasons you are failed to create a correct link, you should first delete whatever you created (you do this by running rm 15451 ) and then repeat the above procedure.
  • You should see handin folders there. If you go inside, you will find the folder which is named as your andrewID. You will FTP your homework solution to a correspondent lab-folder.

Submission Procedure

  • Run SSH, WS_FTP32, KerbFTP or any other FTP application available on your computer;
  • Log to any Andrew workstation (Host Name is ) by using your andrewID and password;
  • In the Remote System window you should see your home account that contains the folder '15451' . If there is no such folder, repeat the submission setup.
  • Double click on '15451' and you will be transferred to the /afs/andrew/course/15/451 directory;
  • You should see the folder named handin. Inside this folder you should see 'hw1' ... 'hw11' folders. Go inside and find the folder which is named as your andrewID;
  • Now you can transfer your PDF file to a correspondent hw-folder.