LaTeX Resources

LaTeX is a free system for producing nice looking documents with lots of mathematical content. It's essentially a simple programming language for displaying written content (esp. mathematical content) elegantly. We recommend you give it a try when writing up your homework solutions. Windows users can download and install MikTeX. If you use Linux, you probably already have it installed. Once you have it installed, running "pdflatex yourfile.tex" will generate a PDF output. (Unlike word processors, here you have to compile your document into a PDF.) Here's a template and its output in PDF. You can generate your *.tex files using any word processor, e.g. emacs or vi. For more information on using LaTeX, see the The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e. Using the template as a guide, you really only need to skim chapters 2 and 3 to write up your solutions. Your TA's will thank you for it.