CMU 15-418 (Spring 2012)
Final Projects
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  1. Adventures in Monte Carlo: The Dumpling Simulation by Kiraz Baysal and Jen Solyanik
  2. Awesome Web Server by Eric Summers and Woody Thompson
  3. Captcha Breaker by Jerene Yang and Eric Wu
  4. A Parallel Algorithm For Noisy or Distorted Character Recognition by Samuel Russell and Rob Waaser
  5. Clever Name For A Chess Bot by Jessica Virdó and Michael Alexovich
  6. CUDA grep by Manish Burman and Brandon Kase
  7. GPU File System by Kartik Kulkarni and Eugene Linkov
  8. Implementation and Comparison of Parallel LZ77 and LZ78 Algorithms by Fuyao Zhao and Nagarathnam Muthusamy
  9. ISPC Hardware Performance Monitoring Tool by Nipunn Koorapati
  10. ISPC Performance Monitor by Jin Seop Kim and Dong Bae Jun
  11. Parallel 3-SAT Solver by Michael Wang and Ran Guo
  12. Life in Parallel by Michael Len and Jonathan Yu
  13. Parallel Simulation of Cellular Automata by Hugues Bruant
  14. Parallel Graph Isomorphism Solver by Henry Leung
  15. Principal Component Analysis on the GPU by Maxwell Koo
  16. Parallel Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics by Christian Bruggeman and Robbie McElrath
  17. Smoothed Particle Hydro-Dynamics (SPH) Fluid Solver by Amos Yuen and Andrew Lau
  18. Parallel Subdivision by Jeffrey Lu and Albert Shih
  19. Parallel Vision Detection using HOG and SVMs on GPU by Pinjie Huang
  20. Parallelizing the Forward Search Sparse Sampling Algorithm for Markov Decision Processes by Christopher Mohr
  21. Client-Side Load Balancing and Server-Side Automatic Provisioning for Single-Page Web Applications by Jack Phelan
  22. Parallel Malloc by Alex Reece
  23. WebCUDA by Jitu Das and Bertha Lam