The labs are the heart of this course and count for 70% of your grade. Much of what you learn in this course will be through completing these labs. Labs can be done individually or in pairs. All deadlines are 11:59pm on the due date.

Late policy for labs: See policies.

Lab Topic Release Due
Lab 1 Straight Line Code, Checkpoint Sep 8 Sep 15 (tests, checkpoint), Sep 22 (compiler)
Lab 2 Control, Checkpoint Sep 22 Sep 29 (checkpoint), Oct 1 (tests), Oct 8 (compiler)
Lab 3 Functions Oct 8 Oct 15 (tests), Oct 22 (compiler)
Lab 4 Memory Oct 22 Nov 3 (tests), Nov 5 (checkpoint), Nov 12 (compiler)
Lab 5 Optimization, Checkpoint Nov 12 Nov 17 (checkpoint), Dec 3 (compiler), Dec 8 (report)
Lab 6 Special Topics
- Garbage Collection
- C0 and Beyond
- Choose Your Own Adventure
Nov 5 Dec 18 (project), Dec 20 (report)

Written Assignments

Written assignments are to be completed individually. They are handed in as PDFs through Gradescope. We expect you to use word processing or typesetting software for your assignments where appropriate, but hand-drawn diagrams are acceptable if they are done neatly. All deadlines are 11:59pm on the due date.

Late policy for individual written assignments: See policies.

Assignment Topic Release Due
Assignment 1 Register Allocation & SSA Sep 3 Sep 22
Assignment 2 Frontend Sep 22 Oct 6
Assignment 3 Middle Oct 8 Oct 20
Assignment 4 Memory Oct 22 Nov 10
Assignment 5 Project Proposal Nov 5 Nov 19 (draft), Dec 1 (final)